ELEMENTALS is a series of games and artifacts based on symbols from the Periodic Table of Elements. The Elementals Word Game is played within a wooden, laser-cut periodic table where you create words from chemical element symbols. Elementals artifacts include keytags and coasters as well as plaques for teachers. Elementals free tools allow you to find and create words using periodic table symbols.

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The Elementals crossword game challenges you to make words using symbols from the periodic table of elements.


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What Can You Do with Symbols on the Periodic Table?

The periodic table of elements was first created by Dmitri Mendeleev in 1869. You can make at least 10,000 words symbolically. There are other things you can do with the periodic table of elements symbols.

Elemental Fun and Games!

Tactile Elemental Products:

  • Elementals Word Game in a Tray
  • Bag of 118 Elementary Tiles
  • Laser-Etched Gift Box with 118 Tiles
  • Depicted Game - Periodic Table Elements Theme
  • Elements Brainteaser Puzzle

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Uplifted Elements Game!

Uplifted is a free online word game with myriad themes, including the Periodic Table. Challenge your knowledge of the periodic table. Play for points and a chance to win a monthly prize from Brainy Games!

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Free Tools & Apps

Have fun with words made from chemical element symbols. Generate periodic table symbols for words and people's names: Generate Words

List of words made from periodic table chemical element symbols. View Words

How To Play

A word game based on the symbols of the Periodic Table of Chemical Elements. This game is played in a tray containing chemical element symbols. Make and score words using chemical symbols like [H], [Au], [Re] on laser-cut tiles. Thousands of words can be made using one or two letters on tiles. Score using each element's Atomic Number (1-118). About 18x12 inches by 1/4 inch, made from laser-cut wooden hardboard. 118 chemical symbol tiles in a tray plus four tile holders.

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Elemental Coasters

These lasercut coasters can be personalized with words of your choice. About 4x4 inches, 1/8-inch wooden hardboard. Sealed to be water resistant, but not waterproof.

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Elemental Teacher Gifts

A series of laser-cut teacher and principal gifts

  • Periodic table word desk plaques
  • Periodic table word tags

You may choose a light color for coasters and plaques. Cannot be a dark colour to allow for contrast. Tags and puzzles are white. The BORN TO TEACH plaque is about 3.5 x 4 inches. Can be customized.

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Elemental Artifacts

Order a set of elemental key tags or plaques using symbols from the periodic table. Wooden tags are lasercut and laser-etched from white hardboard with a specific colour on the back. Acrylic tags are cut from clear acrylic and sprayed with a colour of your choice on the back.
Tags are usually a promotional item sold in bulk. Single tags are available through a custom order.

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